Alce nero - new production seat

The project involves the creation of the new headquarters of the 'Alce Nero' company, a brand of organic production supported by over 1,000 farmers and beekeepers, in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), in a communal property near the Savena River.

The area on which the building of the Seat will be inspected, designed by Gh.Gambas Ghersi, currently has 85% of the waterproofed and asphalted surfaces.

Our project completely reverses this balance in favor of the creation of a private public park capable of transiting rainwater and reusing them to operate the entire production complex.

In addition, since the proximity to the river imposes an innate respect for the transformation of the area, the park will represent a landing point for the new river park that will be created along this stretch of fiSavena and, through phytodepuration and storage systems Waters studied in a ludic / educational way, the outside areas will become spokesmen to focus attention on the conscious use of water resources, so precious and indispensable.

LANDSCAPE  la stanza C

YEAR  2015

CUSTOMER  Alce Nero S.p.A

LOCATION  San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)