''Cortili Aperti'' Cohousing Solidaria

The outdoor areas of cohousing are called “Elms’ Garden” because we saved ancient elm trees and vines that, as per wine production tradition, were grown on ropes from tree to tree in order to have the grapes hanging from them.
The buildings create a round shape in order to highlight the importance of the circle as a geometry figure in which we create a biodynamic vegetable garden cared for by the cohousers. Surrounding the garden there will be local fruit trees such as Japanese persimmon and cherry trees.
On the eastern side, there are gravel turf parking spaces shaded by a 50-year-old Populus Nigra tree and a Ficus Carica.
On the northern side, there is an old tow path that leads to a wooden boardwalk, where a boat called Nena is docked. The boat travels along the Po river and its countryside.


YEAR  2013


LOCATION  Ferrara - IT