social pic-nic COSA BOLLE IN PENTOLA

Cosa Bolle in pentola? is a lunch group that supports creative projects in Bologna, attended by the authors (creatives) and potential users (the guests) through the pic-nic moment.
The pic-nic event occour in July during the manifestation Bé - Bologna Estate 2011 in the Park of Cavaticcio in Bologna; this green area has young trees that do not offer enough shade during the summer for users that came to the outdoor lunch.
The initiative involved the creation by “waste” industrial production of chairs, tables and shade tents, as well as advertising totem and play equipment for a laboratory dedicated to childrens.



YEAR  2011

CUSTOMER  Gruppo ''cosa Bolle'': Alice Guastadini, Michele Restuccia, ElĂ©onore Grassi, Anna Roberti, la FunkyZdaura, Laura Cacciari e Ilenia Gamberini

LOCATION  Bologna - IT