Design Contest ''UndoTodo'

The crownfounding picn-nic event "Cosa bolle in pentola?" create two objects named Tendi-mi and Sand week, these creations participate at the contest Undotodo, a social network selection of objects created from recycled materials; Remida, as a partner, provided us with the materials to create these two items.
Tendi-mi: shading curtain attacked on vertical supports, built with tarpaulin, pvc, cotton reels, electric wires and hot glue.

Sand-week: polystyrene portable chair, light and comfortable to sit in the open spaces on wet surfaces.


YEAR  2014

CUSTOMER  Comune di Bologna

LOCATION  Bologna - IT

GROUP  RCDC Radio città del Capo; Remida Bologna_Terre d'acqua; Spazio Bradipo; Trade School Milano; Cassero LGBT Center; CiboSano e LaPillola