Europan12 - Adaptable city

PLUG IT GJILAN makes a proposal that would transform the city center in a pedestrian friendly space.
Like a “plugin”, the design of a new, adaptable, pedestrian public space in the area of Project Site, will change functions and connections inside and around the center of Gjilan.
The public space is the most adaptable plugin, it would represent the “glue” that will connect all the pieces of urban fragmentation: the new functions with the existing ones, the “ottoman” urban morphology with the socialist one, the rural-natural with the artficial and urbanized one. The public space is the main goal of PLUG IT GJILAN project: a new “piazza” of more than 11.000 sqm could be the most important place for identies and self-representation of Gjilan population, a place for everyone that change everytime.
PLUG IT GJILAN defines a strategy to keep away privatecars from central area, proposing a strong “r-evolution” for mobility and public spaces that it could be acheeved by phasing steps. PLUG IT GJILAN makes proposals that will define a long term vision, a process that step by step will change urban configuration of Gjilan.
The process must start from a global reorganizationof mobility: it absolutely represents a priority to make possible every kind of urban transformations or densifications along Idriz Seferi boulevard and inside the area of Study Site.


YEAR  2013

CUSTOMER  Concorso

LOCATION  Gjilan - Kossovo