Longea parking area

The project aims to transform the old road into a pedestrian boulevard with a slow and controlled mobility.
The Longea parking becomes the second interchange point, in addition to Navalge existing park area, from which you will be able to move renting assisted bicycles (bike sharing) or using tour buses to reach the most interesting destinations around Moena.
Inside the parking, a car-sharing point with electric cars, permit to introduce people to the use of vehicles besed clean energy. The old town becomes a place on a human scale.
A LINK BETWEEN PIAZZA AND ROAD: The idea is to create a free plan as a cover of the Longea garage: a new square facing the river without visual obstacles to connect the site project with squares of the historical center through pedestrian paths.

LANDSCAPE  arch. Caterina Michelini

YEAR  2012

CUSTOMER  Concorso